Q: What kind of content shall I find at the eduOER front-end Portal?

A: The eduOER front-end portal gives access to multimedia content (video lectures, webinars, conferences, multimedia text etc.), coming from various educational institutions, national research and education networks (NRENs).

Q: Why eduOER?

A:NRENS advocate that simply providing open access to education systems is not sufficient. Instead, the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, re-usable) principle of content (the Data FAIRport initiative) is the appropriate way to address Open Education. That way, "federated access" to "openly licensed" educational content, in a as rich as possible "searchable" way, is the key to ensure the full benefits of Open Education.

Q: Who is behind this effort?

A:The eduOER portal is supported by GEANT, the leading collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for research and education, and has been created via the collaboration and share of knowledge between several National Research and Education Networks. You may find more details about the participating organizations here.

Q: We represent a higher education multimedia content repository. How can we share/ expose our content through the eduOER Front-End Portal?

A:Educational repositories and relevant content providers are invited to expose and share metadata (i.e the information about the content) of their open educational resources via the eduOER Hub. The eduOER Hub is the back-end engine behind the OER Web Portal. It also provides value-added services to the connected repositories in order to discover, analyze, validate and enrich their metadata. You will find guidelines for participating here. Please also, find out which are the mandatory metadata elements here.

Q: What kind of services do you provide to content providers?

A:The eduOER service provides a large number of services to content providers such as metadata analytics, validation, mapping and transformation against selected application profiles, monitoring via dashboards etc. You can find details here.

Q: Why OER by NRENS?

A:Many of the European NRENS are active in open education activities and have made a significant contribution to the deployment and availability of oe digital technology and content. Apart from that, NRENS are in a privileged position to produce/provide infrastructure and develop/support new technologies, (e.g. search technologies, metadata harmonization, federated access, portal creation). Additionally, NRENS are in a good position to spread the word about new methods of teaching/learning to academic/research institutions..

Q: How large will the time investment be for a content provider in order to push their metadata to the eduOER service?

A:The main factors on this are:

  • Technological compliance:
  • Content compliance. Check out the mandatory metadata elements here.