Example video of tutor feedback: student 3 FL

Example video of tutor feedback: student 3 FL

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Aim: to analyse students’ written work and apply Academic English theory to a practical scenario

Audience: Teachers of Academic English and students who are in transition – considering going to university in the UK

Level: upper Intermediate to advanced

Learner time: with pre- theory and post- feedback exercises, at least 60 minutes.

In this video, Richard Galletly (an Academic English Lecturer at Aston University) presents the theory to help when writing an effective essay and gives written and verbal feedback on a student's essay.

This video will be useful for students who may need help with essay questions, or who may be interested in studying business at university and may be considering going to the UK to study at an English university. It may also be useful to teachers who would like to know more about how to teach academic writing skills to international students, or local and native students who may struggle with similar tasks.

The video begins with an introduction to the theory from a selection of authors including Patrick Tissington, Stella Cottrell, Oshima & Hogue, Gillett and Fitzpatrick, all of whom will be excellent textbooks to follow when teaching or tutoring students with questions such as this.

Although giving guidance on an essay such as the one shown as an example can be highly subjective, a broad approach has been applied which should be beneficial to a great number of students and potential students of higher education institutions including Universities and Colleges in the UK.

For more advanced information on Critical thinking skills, Academic English, Academic writing, critical evaluations and discussions, please consult the references given below.

The material used in this video is available from the referenced sources given at the end of this video, and further videos on this, and similar topics can be found at:

Languagebox profile and videos: languagebox.ac.uk/profile/1239

Contact information: www1.aston.ac.uk/lss/

LinkedIn profile: uk.linkedin.com/in/richardgalletly


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