Dead bod

Dead bod

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'Dead Bod' is a short animated film funded by Hull City of Culture & Grant for the Arts from the Arts Council, projected from 1-7 january from 4-9 pm as the opening Hull City of Culture 2017

The animation was screened as a mapping projection on the opening night of Hull City of Culture Celebrations 2017 for the "Made in Hull" opening ceremony curated by Shaun Mc Allister; in Queen Victoria Square, the High Street underpass, and the Deep; to celebrate the last 70 year of life in the city.

Using the style of the original Dead bod Graffiti, the animation shows the story of the most famous 'bod' in Hull as 2017 sees it come back to life through art; where a real life story has become part of the city's folklore and it serves as a metaphor for Hull's own narrative. 

The film 'Dead bod' is currently permanently displayed at the Ferens Art Gallery.

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Noce, Kim
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